Why to Use the DA PA Checker?


The DA PA checker is a very powerful and versatile link analysis tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. Below is a short outline of how to use www.contconcord.com for some of the most common applications:

1) Finding linking opportunities

One great way to use the DA PA checker is to find sites that have high Domain Authority but low Page Authority, as these sites may be interested in exchanging links with you. You can also use this tool to identify domains that are linking back to your competitors’ websites, which may provide an opportunity for you to reach out and ask them if they would consider including a link to your website instead.

2) Identifying spammy links

If you’re ever suspicious about whether or not a particular link is helping or harming your SEO efforts, you can use the DA PA checkers disavow function to submit those links directly into Google’s Disavow Links Tool. This will tell Google not to take those spammed links into account when ranking your website.

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