Ten Reasons to Head to LA for Your Next Vacation


There are some cities which have to try exceptionally hard to attract visitors, but there are a few which simply lie back and wait for the tourists to arrive. Los Angeles, the jewel in southern California’s crown, is one of them. Here are ten reasons why LA should be the next destination on anyone’s schedule.

The Climate

Los Angeles enjoys long, hot summers, and unlike many other places it knows how to make the most of them. The climate is simply sensational, and lends itself perfectly to activities ranging from surfing and rollerblading to jogging and cycling. Perfect weather conditions always help to create perfect vacations.

The Beaches

Sometimes the finest holiday afternoons are spent doing very little, and if you’re in a slow, lazy frame of mind the beaches of Los Angeles are the places to be. Uninterrupted sunshine, vast expanses of beautiful golden sand and a gentle breeze to keep you pleasantly cool all combine to make it a special day.

The Buzz

Many of us have visited holiday destinations which appear to be perfect for our needs but upon further investigation turn out to be a little ordinary. In LA, there is a buzz about the place that makes it lively but not overpowering, making every day of your vacation a hugely enjoyable experience.

The Open Road

Sometimes there’s no better way to spend a vacation day or two than to hire a car and venture out onto the open road. In California, the roads are more than simple methods of getting from A to B; they are iconic tourist landmarks in their own right, so make sure you enjoy a four-wheeled odyssey next time you’re in the Golden State.

The Golf

The golf courses in and around Los Angeles are perfect examples of everything that’s great about this wonderful sport. Many of the most picturesque venues are located close to the ocean and as such players can enjoy spectacular views of the water as they stroll along the lush fairways. If you love the game, make sure you see what it’s like to play in California.

The Shopping

If you’re a fan of retail therapy then you simply have to make tracks to LA at some point in your life. The stores here are luxurious, air-conditioned and stocked with all the latest designs. The area around Rodeo Drive in particular is synonymous with the world’s most exclusive names in fashion, so be prepared to shop till you drop.

The Hollywood Sign

It may seem a little clichéd to come to a modern metropolis like Los Angeles only to stare at what is essentially just a sign. However, this is far more than that, of course, it’s an iconic landmark that celebrates the history of the most important movie industry in the world. Hollywood isn’t what it used to be these days, but visiting the sign is something of a homage.

The Wine

In recent years, the Californian wine industry has become one of the most celebrated on the planet, and it’s easy to see why. There’s something wonderfully relaxing about enjoying a glass of the local vino at a sidewalk café while watching the world go by, especially if you’re in the shade on a hot, sunny afternoon.

The People

Many people have an incorrect impression of what the people of California are like, and the only way to find the real truth is to pay a visit. In LA, there is a wonderful welcome waiting for you, especially in the more tourist-centric areas, so be sure to put on a smile and enjoy the whole experience. As the people will tell you, they hope you have a nice day!

The Lifestyle

Anyone who has visited Los Angeles in the past won’t be surprised to hear that many people return again and again, and some even stay permanently. The lifestyle is healthy, fun-packed and exciting, and it often serves as a wake-up call to many that life is meant to be enjoyable.

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