Find Clothes that Fit without Throwing One!


If you’re like most women, you don’t fit into the size one dresses that sashay down the catwalk when the models show them off. If you dream of looking chic but despair of finding clothes that fit, take heart: many online retailers are now bowing to public demand, and offer stylish clothing in sizes that fit real women. The trick is knowing what you want and what will look good on you, before you begin to shop! Find Your Style Head for the mall, and try on clothes. Take a friend who will give you honest advice, and decide on a few styles and colors that fit and look best when you have them on. Unless you have a specific event (such as a wedding) to shop for, look for outfits that will flatter you at work or where you’ll wear them the most. Write it Down Make notes on the outfits you love! Write down the brand, color, size, and style; take a picture if you need to.

The idea is to have it fresh in your mind what your new style will be, so you can search for comparables from the comfort of your home. Search Online Star your search by brand, so you know what retailers carry the styles you have in mind. If you are a hard-to-find size, check specialty retailers such as Lane Bryant to find the biggest selections. Make a note of which stores carry what you want and the price point the outfit is at; remember to check shipping costs, too. Check for Discounts Before you buy, do one last check for hidden discounts. Many online retailers offer a percentage off if you join their email list; often retailers offer discounts via online coupon companies such as Groupon. The key is to research before you buy, instead of caving to an impulse you may soon regret and seldom wear. Visit this website to get detailed information about the latest fashion trending ideas.

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