Avail Huge Discounts On Ordering Food Through Tinyowl Mobile Application


Ordering delicious food from a popular restaurant in a city has become extremely popular these days. With the TinyOwl food ordering app you can not only be avail to order food online in a convenient manner but will also be able to earn huge amount of discounts. This mobile application is currently offering its valuable services in the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune and Hyderabad. You will be able to enjoy discounts on various food delicacies by two different ways. On being a new user, you get to enjoy 100% cash back up to maximum of Rs 200 on specific order and 50 % cash back up to a maximum of Rs 100 on every order placed thereafter. This offer is only applicable if you pay for a specific order through paytm wallet. Below have been discussed the vital steps through which you will be able to enjoy these discounts.

  1. Download the food app on your mobile

You firstly need to download the unique food ordering app on your Android or iOS mobile device. Get it installed and thereby enjoy ordering various food delicacies from some of the popular restaurants within your locality.

  1. Make sure get registered

Firstly you need to register yourself on the specific food ordering application. After getting registered, input the specific detail and make sure to log in.

  1. Search for the restaurants

After opening the application on the mobile device, you need to specify a location in order gain some knowledge about the various types of restaurants available. Example: If you are searching for restaurant in Mumbai then you need to specify the location as ‘Mumbai’.

  1. Select the restaurant of your choice

Now it’s time for you to select a restaurant according to your preference and then book one of your favourite delicacies from the list.

  1. Get the discount code

After ordering the specific food you will be provided a specific discount code that will give you the opportunity to earn discount on the order placed.

  1. Pay the amount through paytm wallet

You will be able to avail the discounts if only the payment for the ordered food is made through paytm wallet. This discount code will be valid till the specific payment gateway offers it to its customers. After using the specific code, you will be able to enjoy your favourite dish at a discounted rate.

  1. Get the food at your door step

After fulfilling the above steps, your favourite food will get delivered at your residence in a timely manner. Enjoy the food with your friends and family members at a discounted rate.

So what are you waiting for! Install the TinyOwl food ordering application on your mobile to order food in a smart and convenient way. While using the specific discount code it will be wise for you to check out whether it’s applicable for the specific day. While availing the discount you may be asked for a mobile verification. In case you cancel a specific order, the discount coupon also gets rejected. This food ordering application has become extremely beneficial for the persons who have a busy schedule and are always craving to have some delicious food.

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