A Guide to Hunter Valley for Family Travelers


Sydney, Australia’s capital is a great place to visit and one thing you do not want to miss is Hunter Valley. Hunter Valley many wineries for you to visit and taste the fine wine that Australia produces. The Australian wine industry has been gaining international recognition, and a trip to Hunter Valley will make it clear why the country’s wine is so popular.

Where to Stay in Hunter Valley

Whether you want to wake up to a beautiful view of a mountain or simple antique villages, Hunter Valley has some great places to stay. Such as Country houses, B&B’s, lodges, and even convents. The convent to be more accurate is a former convent, located in Hunter Valley. A little history covering this place, it was built in 1909. It’s very romantic and secluded and the balconies are the best place to watch the sunset with a loved one. But, the rooms can be on the small side, but still gorgeous rooms all around. If you are looking to leave the kids at home with a babysitter and have a weekend with your partner, head on over to the Carriages Country House. This is a romantic place for couples to watch the fire and sunset, and there are no children allowed so you’ll have all the privacy you can get.  Lots of wedding groups book most of the Country house, and this is a very popular honeymoon destination.

Where Should You Eat in Hunter Valley?

There are many places to eat and drink. If Hunter Valley is known for anything, it is known for their wine. Their cafes and bistros range from a wide variety of cuisines. One of the main dishes is French, like at the Bistro Molines, and ran by a famous chef named Robert Molines. The atmosphere is laid back and comfortable, located in the Tallavera Vineyard.  You get a glass of local wine at lunch, along with delicious food.

What Will You Do in Hunter Valley?

There is so much to do in Hunter valley you may not know where to start. Do you love the 1900’s? Well Wollombi, which was founded in 1820, has old sandstone buildings, antique shops, museums and the old court house is in 19 century style. While you are there you must visit the Wollombi Tavern, it has its own exotic brew called Dr. Jurd’s Jungle Juice. They also pride themselves on their friendliness. Customer always comes first no matter what. They always come up with new ways to make their customers feel right at home.

When you are done visiting the tavern, make your way to Avoca House. This house is 100 years old, on a 67 acre farm, and it is a great place just to go and chill out for a bit in the midst of all your travels. Need a dose of Adrenaline rush?  Hunter Valley offers a wide range of options for adrenaline junkies ranging from Hot Air Ballooning in Pokolbin to skydiving in Elderslie and much more.

Hunter valley is the largest grape growing state. Among the 7 sub regions is the main region called Pokolbin/Rothbury region that holds most of the wineries, and companies. It prides itself on its wines. This is a great place to just go relax, have a glass of wine or two, and just have a great time.

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