5 Great Apps You Can Use To Improve Your Written Grammar


From cover letters to emails, whether you realize it or not, people are judging you on your grammar. Many people often compose documents in a program like Microsoft Word and rely on the program’s built-in grammar tools. However, what if you are responding to an email on your phone or you have to draft an important letter? That is why it important to know proper grammar and not just rely on software checkers.

Grammar Girl

Sharpening your grammar kills does not have to be boring. The Grammar Girl app organizes all of Grammar Girl’s podcasts, Twitter feed, Facebook posts and links to her website. The app is chock full of lively, educational content. The only downside to this app is that, as of this writing, it is only available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via the iTunes Store. However, for $1.99 you can own an indispensable and fun resource for improving your grammar at your own pace.

Cambridge University Press Apps

Cambridge offers a series of grammar apps for both Apple iOS devices and the Android platform. The apps cover the full range of English learning from basic to advanced. Many of the apps include tests so that users can get a feel for what they know and spot common mistakes they might make every day. The apps are sold individually with each app covering a different topic.

Grammar Prep

Educational publishers Pearson Education, Inc. offers their own line of grammar apps well. Some of the subjects covered include pronouns, misplaced modifiers, parallelism and wrong words. The apps feature practice tests, videos tracks progress and performance. Each element of grammar is sold as a separate app and sells for $3.99 from the iTunes store. As of this writing, there are no Android versions of these apps available.

English Writing

Android users do not need to feel left out in the cold. English Writing by WAGmob is part of their Simple ‘n Easy series and is a great primer and/or refresher for improving your writing skills. The app has earned a solid 4 ½ star rating in the Google Play store and contains lessons, tests and flash cards. As an additional bonus, it includes Facebook integration so you can share what you are learning with your friends.

Grammar Up

Unfortunately, this is another Apple-only app; however, it makes the list because it contains a huge database of over 1800 Grammar Questions. Almost no subject of grammar is left untouched and the app has an easy-to-use interface that makes learning simple. Grammar Up is stuffed full of grammatical information that make it good learning tool as well as an excellent pocket reference for quick answers.

Even though no one is going to mark up your documents with a red pen, it is still important to use proper grammar. Using grammar properly shows people that you are smart and confident. Do not let silly grammar mistakes keep you from making a great impression every time.

Ara Rudi hired a group of Washintgon DC tutors to help her son with his writing and grammar, but found he enjoyed using educational apps between sessions. The two combined really helped to boost his grades.

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