5 Gear For Your Moto Adventure


Not all adventures take place in the wilderness. Everybody dreams from time to time of just hopping into their car and driving until they feel like stopping, just to see where they end up. While this may be an impractical idea in costs, in timing, in many different factors, there are those who go on adventures and road trips from time to time. Unless you’re on an isolated island limited by the ocean there are always new paths to take and roads to drive. Keeping this in mind here are five gears for your moto adventure to make sure you’re well prepared and ready for anything.

Food Supply

First and foremost having some supplies for the road is crucial. Depending on the length of your trip this can range from stopping into a store for some chips and soda or bringing an entire cooler. Maintaining hydration and energy with food and drink can help you stay focused on the road, which is crucial for motor safety. They help you stay awake and alert and avoid various sick symptoms attributed to dehydration that can detract from your ability to focus. Always make sure you have something to drink and chew on regardless of the trip.

Vehicle Safety Kit

Next up on the list is the ever vital vehicle safety kit. This is typically a kit you assemble on your own that can make the difference if you get stuck. It usually consists of jumper cables, spare fluids, road flares and all the gear you’ll need in an emergency, and can be tucked in the trunk. This changes a little during the winter when you need to add some more to it, and might be advised to keep it handy if possible somewhere in the car in case conditions are too severe to fetch it from the trunk.


A good GPS is a solid addition to any road trip. Not only do they serve to show you the way you need to go, or where you are, but a proper GPS can also be used to contact emergency services. If your car is not equipped with AAA or some similar service this can be the next best thing, and fortunately most cellphones with good data packages are able to do this role without the need to buy a new device. But if yours doesn’t, consider investing, as it can really help in all ways.


It’s not essential for emergencies or for anything, as a matter of fact, but few motor adventures are complete without a playlist. If your car can hook up an iPod or MP3 player consider creating a unique playlist. Or if you have a co-pilot that can act as DJ for the trip, pass it to them. Not only does the music keep the silence filled, but it can also keep you alert while driving.

Smashing Hammer

Finally for extreme scenarios, consider buying a window smashing hammer. There are specific little devices that can be used to smash car glass should the car become submersed or trapped, so you don’t have to hurt your arm or feet trying to get out. A single tap can do a lot of damage, even under a lot of pressure, and they store in any glove compartment.

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