4 Car Accessories You Must Keep in Your Car



A car accessory can be many things. Fancy hubcaps, high-tech radios, leather seats and shiny chrome are a few. GPS Guidance Systems have become a valuable accessory in cars today. They guide you on your travels and direct you if you become lost. They can also locate you in an emergency for police, fire, or the auto club. Special Kits have been made up of necessary equipment and items that are essential. These accessories should be kept handy and ready to use.


We do a lot of driving and rely heavily on our cars. Keeping the proper accessories in the car will give us peace of mind. You never know when something could go wrong. Small problems could be taken care of, if you have the right equipment to do the job.


Certain tools are important to keep in the car. It is always best to have a jack and a piece of wood for a wheel chock. We have all had flat tires. A torque wrench is a must when tightening the lug nuts or adjusting fan belts. The manufacturers set torque ratings for torque adjustment values on all the bolts and nuts in the car. These must be adjusted properly and not over tighten. Car batteries seem to be another issue. They are affected by temperature extremes, the contacts can vibrate loose, and the heavy electrical loads in today’s cars. You should always carry jumper cables. Some people even carry a battery jumper.


Safety is a major job and responsibility for every driver. There are many safety accessories in kits and individually that we should carry in our car. The fire extinguishers is very handy to put out a small fire. They are made compact and will fit comfortably into the vehicle. Manufacturers have put together a road hazard accessory kits which includes all the items to help you if you have a breakdown. You will find road cones, flares, flashlight, a sign that says send help, a screwdriver, and spare fuses. Traveling in the winter requires a few extra safety devices. Ice scrapers, to clean the windows, and chains, to put on the tires, are a necessity. It is always wise to carry a blanket or two, water, and something to eat, when making long trips, or if the weather is bad. It’s a good idea is to have a portable radio to listen for weather reports.

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