10 Tips To Secure Your Android Phone’s Data


Your Android phone, being a multifunctional device, could be housing a lot of your personal data. More and more people could also be storing a lot of information and files in their Android phones such as contact details, photos, notes and other files. People always carry their Android phones around due to their functionality. For this reason, they always store useful information in this device so they always have quick access whenever they go with their Android phones.

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However, in spite of these Android phones’ ability to perform several functions, it is also prone to harmful attacks by hackers, being lost or being stolen in which cases, your personal and important data can be accessed by unscrupulous people. This is why, it is always important to take precautions in securing your Android phone’s data.

Here are a few helpful suggestions that will keep your Android phones’ data safe in different circumstances:

  • Activate your phone lock – You can never tell if there is someone in the office or even at your own home who is after your phone’s data. Protect your phone from these risks by activating your phone lock. You can set this feature by going to the ‘settings’ from the menu then go to ‘security’.
  • Activate your SIM card lock – To give your phone an added security feature, it will be a smart move to active the SIM card lock as well. This will protect the data stored in the SIM in case someone tries to outsmart your phone lock by getting your SIM and inserting it into another phone.
  • Download apps that will secure your Android phone – You may have probably downloaded a couple of apps that will keep you entertained, connect you to social media, or help you organize or take down notes. Why not download an app that will keep your Android phone protected? There are several anti-virus and anti-malware apps that you can download for free. The powerful ones may come will a price but it will certainly be worth protecting your Android phone’s data from harmful attacks.
  • Download an app that will locate your phone – The Android operating system has GPS function that allows the owner to locate their phone. As soon as an owner notices their Android phone to be missing, it is important to figure out its whereabouts as soon as possible to prevent it from being lost forever. With a GPS-driven app, an Android phone can be immediately recovered whether it was dropped in the car, dropped at the bus station, left in fast food, etc. To find out more about the simple Android apps that can protect your phone’s data visit this website: https://divyashakthysofttech.com/
  • Get Advanced Security – Aside from apps that will protect your Android phone from viruses and have it located, there are other apps that can offer additional security features. Mobile Defense and WaveSecure helps you get your phone back by allowing the phone owner to lock the phone to prevent it from being accessed by any unauthorized person. With these apps, the owner of the lost phone can also back-up the data in the Android phone and then wipe off the data in the phone. This way, the data will be prevented from getting into the wrong hands.
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